Monday, March 18, 2013

Smokin' Grill at Sito's Family Restaurant

Barely a year old yet this new fast-food restaurant is already picking up. Just like a popular Filipino proverb that goes like "Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din" (it is never too late to offer anything that is good). Dining in Davao has never been like in the past anymore where choices are few and eating out was just for those who can afford. With the rapid developments going on around Davao City, and never failed to overwhelm DavaeƱos, dining places are also sprouting like mushroom everywhere. And these delights everyone: the rich, the poor, the foodies and those that likes to hangout.  

Grilled Basket
Fish Kinilaw

Fried Hito

Sito's Family Restaurant and Drive Thru started smokin'their grill just this October 2012 along the area where popular restaurants and bars were also standing. They specializes in grilled dishes like: chicken, pork, fish and also serve other seafood dishes. They also offer the following: Breakfasito (P99) starting at 6:30 in the morning, Tipid Meals for students (with prices less than P50), Value Meals for busy people (with price less than P100) and for groups and heavy eaters like us, the Salo-Salo Basket which serves 4-8 persons (price ranging from P449 and up). Except for the Tipid Meals, everything is served with unlimited rice.

There were 6 of us so we ordered the grilled basket (it has 4 pork barbeque, 4 grilled porkchop and 4 chicken barbeque). Since I love deep fried hito (freshwater catfish) I also ordered the fried hito. All of the meat was tender, juicy and well marinated while the hito was just perfectly deep fried (not oily). We also ordered fresh fish kinilaw (fish cooked not by fire but by soaking it in vinegar, lemon and other spices). Of course, aside from the generous servings of the dishes, we had several servings of rice too because it's unlimited =) 

This new restaurant has airy and light atmosphere and families can definitely enjoy dining in different areas like the patio (for fresher air), covered "fan" restaurant and the air-conditioned area (which also serves as function rooms for events & meetings). Nothing to worry because the prices are the same wherever you choose to dine. They also have a play area so children won't get bored while waiting for the food. Yet at Sito's when they say fast food they really live up to it because our order was delivered within 10 minutes waiting. This maybe the reason why they can cater a "drive thru" service. Yes my friends, no need to park your car to make a take-out order. Just use the drive thru.

The original Sito's is located in Panabo City with a branch at the Municipality of Sto. Tomas Davao del Norte. This is the third branch that finally opened here in Davao City.

Sito's Family Restaurant and Drive Thru
Across 911, Sandawa Avenue Plaza, 
Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City



  1. We love grilled foods, but I haven't tried fish kinilaw yet. We'll look for this restaurant when we visit Davao this April.

  2. I've been to Davao several years ago, now I would like to go back and try all their sumptuous food offerings.

  3. woow!!! your post makes me hungry! I love grilled food... I'll be in Davao later, and we'll be staying at Park Inn. Is Sito's Restaurant near the hotel?

    1. Hi, Sito's is approximately 7.1 km from Park Inn though you always ask the taxi driver to bring you there, just tell him Sitos is at the back of 911 Station in Quimpo Blvd, near Yellow Fin or Davao transport Terminal =)

  4. Wow! the price looks reasonable for a great bundle of food like this, Hope I can this family restaurant

  5. The grilled dishes look delish. I hope I can visit Davao and dine in this place.

  6. I love fried hito! When I was a teenager I don't eat that, but it's a favorite of my father so I learned how to eat it as well later on. And my Tatay is right, very yummy! He suggested Kinilaw to me one time, too. Great food selection!

  7. Wow sa mga naipakita sa mga larawan natatakam na ako sa sarap kahit hindi pa ako nkapota sa restorant na iyan ay sigorado akong masarap yan katulad ng palagi kong pinoponahan ang,...