Monday, March 25, 2013

A Pleasurable Place to Celebrate and Unwind - Piyesta KTV and Restobar

I've been to this place several times already, since it opened at SM City Davao Annex last year, but haven't been to their KTV rooms. It was our friend Chin-chin's birthday and she treated us for dinner and videoke at Piyesta KTV and Restobar.

Piyesta KTV and Restobar

We arrived around 7 in the evening, just in time for her reservations. We were led to a room, it was small but not cramped, just enough to accommodate 8 of us.  They charge P1K per hour but the amount is consumable for food and drinks.  Chin-chin ordered  2 sets of Piyesta Meal which contained 4 kinds of viands, rice and a pitcher of ice tea. With our orders, we were supposed to stay inside for 2 hours only but the lady told us we can stay for 3 hours because food preparations will take a bit longer, and maybe because they knew that we will be celebrating a friend's birthday so she gave us an hour bonus =)

As soon as our orders were placed, we started scanning the song book and encoded the number of the songs.  Few minutes later the waiter came and served us their complimentary egg soup. It taste good, actually better than other restaurant's free soup. We were already having a great time singing our hearts out when the food arrived. We immediately stopped singing, dropped the microphone and picked our plates to eat. It was only during that time we smelled the foof that we realized, we were already starving.

I already knew that the food here taste good, I won't be going back here if it was not. Besides I don't write about a place if the experience was not good. Anyway, my favorite was Kinilaw na Tsada (fish kinilaw with their special vinegar), Chicken Lolipop, Breaded Pork and Pinakbet. Other viands tasted equally good but my concentration was with these four choices only. The serving was plenty, enough for big eaters like us.

Piyesta KTV and Restobar

After having a good experience at Piyesta KTV and Restobar we went out for coffee before we headed home. Referring to last night's party, a friend posted in her facebook wall “Good food . . . good friends . . .  what more can you ask for? Well, she forgot to mention “videoke” because most of us are passionate singers although some were not bless with good voice, still enjoys singing along. 

SM City Davao Annex


  1. Videoke + Food = Awesome experience, hoping i can visit the place this year...

  2. I will surely enjoy visiting this place because I love singing and eating. The price is quite affordable, too.

  3. I love karaoke! It's definitely one of the best places to spend some time with family and friends, it's an added bonus if they also serve good food at affordable prices, sure wish a branch would open in the SM here too. :P