Friday, March 15, 2013

Paella, Pasta and Lengua at Tiny Kitchen Davao

We saw this place when Dave and I ate at one of the restaurants across the street along F. Torres Davao City. It used to be located two blocks away from this present location in a really tiny nook besides Cafe Demitasse and One Fab Pooch . The new location is now bigger and can accommodate many guest.

Paella Valenciana
I went there with Dave, my Mom, two nieces, Dave's nephew and "yaya" Joan to celebrate  Cacai's (my niece) birthday. She love's pasta and the best place to have her taste what she loved was no other than at the "TINY KITHCEN". Their Pasta - Chorizo Y Tomate was just heavenly. We also ordered other dishes like their bestseller "Paella". They actually have 3 kinds of Paella namely: Valencia (has seafood and chicken), Moriscos (all seafood) & Negra (coated with squid ink). The nice waitress recommended Paella Valencia and my Mom just loved it. I am more of a salad and lengua person so I ordered Alicante - Mixed Green Salad. The green salad was really good. The vegetables were fresh, crunchy, tossed well with honey lemon dressing and tuna meat. It was good and just light in the stomach. The Lengua Estofado was tender and the sarsa (sauce) was absorbed well by the ox tongue slices that made this lengua delightful to the palate. Even when the nice waitress told me that what we ordered was already enough for us still I was tempted to order the Chicken Rosemary with Garlic and I was glad I did. I am not a chicken dish lover but this one is definitely one of the best I've tasted.

Lengua Estofado


Pasta - Chorizo y Tomate

Chicken Rosemary with Garlic

Diners can never go wrong when dining at Tiny Kitchen. When we first went there (a week before this night) Dave and I doesn't know what to order. The nice waitress asked us what we like to eat and so I said I like to have pasta and green salad while Dave like to have meat and rice. She then pointed us to the menu board located above the kitchen bar and started describing to us what's in each menu. Isn't it nice having a staff like her who knows what they are offering aside from the fact that all the dishes they have really tasted good. Owned and personally managed by husband and wife Vincent and Donna Rodriguez made the Tiny Kitchen one of the best dining place in Davao City. 

Torres Street, Davao City Philippines
Contact No. (082) 305 9232
Facebook Page: Tiny-Kitchen-Creations
Open from Mondays to Saturdays at 10:00AM to 2:00PM then 6:00 to 9:00PM

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  1. Mouth-watering! Paella looks yummy specially the seafoods:)

  2. Yum!! Paella looks delish!I'll be in Davao this weekend, hopefully I can drop by Tiny Kitchen..

  3. The paella and the lengua really looks and taste good. I should try the place when I'm in Davao.

  4. Wow i feel hungry haha, i like Paella Valenciana, it looks super yummy!

  5. Looks really delicious, I will visit this when I get back to Davao again.

  6. Everything looks delicious! I would love to try their all-seafood paella (Moriscos), and I'm sure my husband would enjoy that Lengua Estofado.

  7. Oh why so far from my placeeee. im drooling over that Chorizo y Tomate dish! andaming sauce!

  8. The kitchen is tiny, but the foods are huge! I like the "lengua estofado".
    I know all the foods are so yummy!

  9. lengua estofado looks very yummy!! salivary for them now! xx

  10. I like these foods especially Paella. I have tasted the Paella in Barrio Fiesta and I like it very much so I am trying to find a good recipe to cook it by myself.

  11. we always pass by tiny kitchen but never really tried the place... thanks for this, at least i got to their menu. Yahweh bless.